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The European Economy and Competitiveness Association awarded us his distinguished “Gold Medal for Merit at Work” that recognize the company spirit within the European framework. The ceremony took place last Thursday 25th January at 21:00 o’clock at the Eurostars Surites Mirasierra Hotel. The event was presented by the prestigious journalist Ana García Lozano.

Half a Century a History….woven with the hands.

Signes Hats we are doubly congratulated, on the one hand to receive this prestigious award that recognizes the trajectory and competitiveness of our company. And on the other hand because it happens just in our 50th anniversary.
This award is without a doubt another impulse to continue working with the same improvement line, non-conformism and innovation in a complicated sector that on the other hand has given us and continues giving us many happiness
Signes Hats is and has been a family company with modest origin and has been growing up little by little, weaving a business philosophy that has sought in the excellence the only way to find a place on the market.
From the main headquarters in Gata de Gorgos, Alicante, today Signes covers an international market in the 5 continents, present on the most important fashion showcases in the sector, creating new synergies with related industries that give our products an added value.
Therefore in our 50th anniversary, more than looking at the past – we do it, and with pride -, we fix our eyes on the future, on reaching, who knows, if 50 more years.